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Web Design

The goal of most internet designers is to make a lovely, simply accessible and useful web site which will convert the visitant to try and do one thing. making such an internet site needs sensible graphic style,straightforward and intuitive web site navigation, logical web site layout and sensible internet copy. the subsequent suggestions area unit general internet style tips.

Web Content 

You want the visitant to examine you as a knowledgeable data supply and/or a estimable business. Poor descriptive linguistics and writing system can instantly cut back your credibleness. keep in mind that folks use the net to seek out data. whether or not you’re commercialism your own product or recommending somebody else’s product, you want to initial give valuable data to the visitant or they’re going to click away and notice an internet site that provides them what they what they require.

Cross Browser Compatibility 

There area unit a minimum of 100 totally different browsers in use. you want to style your web site to figure properly within the most generally used browsers. to try and do that you simply might not be ready to use all of the extremely nice computer graphics that area unit out there as a result of they will not be supported in most browsers.

Even though most internet browsers area unit free, folks don’t necessary trouble to upgrade to the most recent versions. the typical bather might not acumen to upgrade their browser or have the angle, “If it works, don’t fix it.” keep in mind your visitant might have a laptop, a MAC, a UNIX box, a electronic device or atelephone and that they all use totally different browsers.

Good internet style needs your web content to figure in Microsoft net mortal, Netscape, Firefox, Opera and hunting expedition at a minimum. confirmative your hypertext mark-up language code can facilitate however the ultimate check is to look at your web site {in totally different|in several|in numerous} browsers running on different platforms.

Graphics and Photos 

Web surfers area unit impatient and studies show that the majority folks can click away if a webpage takes longer than ten seconds to load. perpetually optimize your photos and alternative graphic files to own as little a size as do able while not sacrificing image quality.

Always use the peak and breadth attributes on the image that the remainder of the page will load whereas the graphic files is downloading. Use the EL hypertext mark-up language tag therefore folks with graphics turned off and people victimization handheld devices understand what the image is meant to be.

Background colours 

If you employ something apart from white behind text, make sure to specify link colours otherwise the user’s browser defaults can confirm what color the links area unit which may build them illegible.


Multimedia consists of flash movies, video clips, audio clips and background music. perpetually use streaming media as a result of it reduces transfer time. make certain the visitant will stop and begin transmission files or within the case of flash introductions, skip them if they require. That manner folks with slow connections or devices that don’t support transmission will ignore them.

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